Bitdefender and Avast defend against malware, which includes traditional computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware ransomware, and Trojan horse attacks. Both are known for their outstanding performance in independent testing with top scores and low false positives. Both also offer a wide array of other security options, including email security antispam, cloud-based antivirus and more.

Both programs offer a high level of customer support. However, Bitdefender offers a variety of ways to contact support, including telephone, email or live chat as well as an expert community, making it easier to get help with any issues that might arise. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base that provides answers to many common questions.

If you’re seeking the best overall security, we suggest selecting Bitdefender. Its feature-rich set includes password management, VPN, Wi-Fi inspector and much more. The lightweight program does not affect PC performance and is simple to use. On the other side, Avast is a little slower to respond to threats and may take longer to conduct a full scan than Bitdefender.

Both have a nice user interface and are easy to use. Bitdefender is more user-friendly and has a sleeker, modern design than Avast. Avast has a tendency to display a lot of upselling options, which can be a distraction for some users. In terms of pricing both are competitive and offer great value for money. Both programs offer the free version, which has limited features, and paid subscriptions that include more features.