If your property has been taken by the government, or you’ve received a notice, you have the right to fight back. But you must act immediately to make sure your rights are fully protected! And, you must follow the best strategy and correct procedures to successfully address the property seizure.

At the law firm of 411 Justice we are committed to recover property that was seized by state or federal authorities as a result of an arrest for felony charges or a police investigation leading to the forfeiture and/or property seizure.  We represent clients in proceedings involving the government’s seizure of assets including cash, bank accounts, houses, cars, planes, and boats.

Remember, there is a limited amount of time that you have to claim a right to the property that was seized; otherwise, you may lose your right to challenge the government.

The property rights of criminal law suspects sometimes receive little consideration among state and federal law enforcement officials. We bring a broad understanding of Florida forfeiture laws to matters involving confiscated cars, drug charges, “drug houses,” and other unproven allegations of ill-gotten gains. In some cases, provisions of the Florida Homestead Act can be applied to protect the property rights of defendants.

In some cases, property can be confiscated and forfeited, even though criminal charges are never filed. Our law firm has represented a wide range of clients in forfeiture proceedings, including:  a package of cash being seized at a FedEx facility, a car being taken because the client had a habitual suspended license, a large sum of cash seized in a legitimate wholesale ink cartridge deal, and a “drug house” being taken.   We handle property forfeiture cases related to charges involving:

Defenses may include third-party “innocent owner” exemptions, meaning that the property owner didn’t know the property was illegally obtained. Or, the owner of a rental property or land didn’t know that a tenant was conducting illegal activity on the property.

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