If you are arrested, you are entitled to some form of pre-trial release from jail while your case is pending. Unless you are charged with a capital or life felony and the evidence of your guilt is substantial, or you are charged with a violation of probation, a judge must set a reasonable monetary bond so that you can bond out.  At 411 Justice our bond hearing attorneys can work quickly to set a hearing for you or a loved one.

If you contact us immediately, we can appear at the magistrate hearing or first appearance hearing and request a bond or bond reduction.  This hearing usually takes place within 24 hours after an arrest.  This hearing is used to determine if there is probable cause to continue holding a defendant and whether the defendant is entitled to bond.  A standard bond is usually applied if a special request is not made.

If you are arrested for a violation of probation (VOP), you are not entitled to a bond.  However, we understand that there are emergency issues that come up and require you to be with you family.  We can file an emergency motion for bond under certain circumstances on your behalf and/or ask a judge to allow a furlough.

These hearings are held every day, including weekends and holidays.  Our attorneys are available 24/7 and can meet you at any time to prepare for this hearing.  Our attorneys can attend this hearing to make a special request for pre-trial release or a bond reduction.  An experienced and well-respected attorney can usually convince the judge to reduce the bond amount so that it is more affordable.  Our attorneys have the experience as former prosecutors.  Our attorneys have also tried enough cases in front of judges in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties and have earned an excellent reputation among the prosecutors and judges.

Even if we get involved after the magistrate hearing or first appearance hearing, we can still request that the judge lower a bond that was already set.   When considering a bond reduction request, a court will look at many different factors, including ties to the community, criminal history, employment status, and whether or not you have ever failed to appear for court before.  We always recommend bringing in family members to testify at the bond hearing.

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