In Florida, issuing a worthless check is a crime.  Under Florida law, any check returned from a bank stamped with any of the following is a Worthless Check:

  • NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)
  • Insufficient Funds
  • No Such Account
  • Account Not Found
  • Account Closed
  • Closed Account
  • NSF Unless Otherwise Indicated

At the firm 411 Justice our worthless check defense attorneys can typically resolve a bad check or worthless check case quickly and effectively.  Often times, if we get involved early, we can prevent a worthless check case from ever being filed.  This is why you should contact our office immediately if you have been contacted about a bad check you have written.  Having a case filed against you can result in a permanent record.  If we can prevent your case from ever being filed, there would be no record.

We understand that sometimes, good people write bad checks.  Unfortunately, shared checking accounts, delayed deposits, early withdrawals, and many other common issues surrounding checking accounts can cause a check to be bad.  This does not make you a criminal.  Our attorneys understand this and will work hard to prevent you from being charged with a worthless check case.  Our team of former prosecutors know exactly how the prosecutor’s office works when it comes to prosecuting worthless check cases.  We know the strategy and loopholes.

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