An assessment report is a document that offers a deeper analysis of a specific topic or issue. Assessment reports are typically written to provide a complete overview of the assessment process. However they can also be used to identify learning gaps or training requirements.

For example an assessment report could include strengths and weaknesses that are identified by the SWOT (strengths strengths, threats, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses) analysis. This information is used to determine what developmental actions are needed for a particular employee. The report of assessment is sent to the hierarchy of the employee to plan.

Assessment reports can be used to assess the effectiveness of a project or program. The evaluation click here to find out more can be carried out by a third party such as an academic institution or a professional group. The evaluation is intended to help stakeholders make informed decisions and improve the effectiveness of a program or project.

An evaluation report includes an explanation of the program or project being evaluated and its objectives and the intended impact. It also provides an overview of the findings, identifies barriers and challenges and offers recommendations. The report on evaluation should be objective and present its findings and conclusion clearly, using graphs and data tables where appropriate. The report should also include limitations or caveats about the evaluation. This can be accomplished by making sure that the evaluation is properly designed and implemented, and by including results of an investigation into the literature. The report should be written clearly and concisely, and logically organized, with headings and underheadings.