If your board needs to take urgent decisions that cannot be put off until the next meeting, board management tools enable members to collaborate and communicate quickly and securely, even if they aren’t in the physical space. This is a huge benefit for boards of non-profit organizations as it helps reduce the time spent emailing back and forth, or playing phone tag. It allows for instant decisions which allow for collaboration or strategizing in the interim.

For a simple and quick method to manage board meetings, online board portals such as Boardable offer an centralized hub that comes with an event center that allows you to schedule meetings, design agenda templates, record attendee information, and much more. The board documents center lets you to upload files and exchange them, track changes in real time, and create reports on the user’s details, statistics on documents, and more.

Board management software can also save administrators time since it can be used to create and schedule meetings in minutes, removing the necessity to manually email all attendees or send a meeting packet via mail. Furthermore, a board portal allows you to work on any device from anywhere and at any time, eliminating the requirement to travel physically for every meeting. It also provides www.boardmanagementtools.info/6-steps-to-becoming-an-excellent-leader-and-manager/ secure storage for all documents and discussions and is designed to support a wide variety of collaborative tools. There is an individual directory of members and detailed discussion tracking and reporting. Other features include annotation and document marking, page sync, private note sharing, and uploads of files from discussions, comments or events.