A board member is an important role that involves acting as the fiduciary for an organisation. The primary roles of a board are oversight, governance and accountability, in addition to developing a clear strategy. Board membership is also a unique chance to help an important cause in your community, and can have a significant impact on the lives of individuals and organizations.

In a publicly held company, the board represents the owners (shareholders or stockholders) and sets policy that determines issues such as whether or not to pay dividends, the size of the dividend, stock options granted, and hiring/firing/compensation of upper management. In practice, however it is the management and not the board that holds the majority of the actual power and directors generally following the management’s advice and approving them.

When you are selecting the people to join your board, it’s crucial that you select those who possess the qualifications, as well as skills and experience that are required for the role. Competence refers to their abilities to comprehend complex issues and make informed decisions. Character is a reflection of your organization’s core values, and how you choose your members reflect those values will demonstrate what your company’s values are.

Your network is an excellent place to start your search for a potential candidate. Reach out to a reputable member of your community or a networking group and ask if they know someone on the board or executive director. Introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in joining the board and what your record is for attending www.boardshould.com/6-tips-to-make-young-directors-effective/ and being prepared for meetings.