The board room review is a crucial part of the governance process for a company. The board can take advantage of this opportunity to determine whether the expertise and experience of its members match with the strategic needs. It also assists the board to discern its weak points and identify future opportunities for the board to improve its effectiveness.

The board of a company’s most important governing body, making decisions that impact everyone, from the employees that work at the organization to the investors who own its stock. This is why it is crucial that the mother board is in top shape to be able to function effectively. One method to ensure this is to conduct a peer critical evaluation of the board. They can be a challenge to run, as they usually involve a significant element of criticism and require a skilled facilitation.

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Founded in 2004, Boardroom Review Limited offers confidential advice and works in partnership with senior decision makers to enhance board potency and resilience. It has vast experience in PLC and mutual funds as well as private equity-owned businesses across a wide variety of sectors.